A Little Story

Hello, it's Jo here.

I’m the proud owner of Little Herberts and mum of two gorgeous boys.

At Little Herberts, we're passionate about hair cuts and hair care for kids. That means a fun and relaxed store, and the very best and safest products with no nasty chemicals.

Yes, we're English. 

My family and I are here trying to live our best lives in Perth, the sunniest of cities. Originally from the UK, we decided to make Australia our home in 2013 and it was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Little Herberts - Jo and son

Why, where & how.

I started Little Herberts because I wanted to combine my creative flair for hair, with my love of children, and give parents and kids a space dedicated to providing the best care for kids and their hair.

My youngest was an anxious child and hated getting his haircut. And I was that parent who dreaded taking him to the hairdresser.

We tried everywhere and it was all too awful and stressful. So, in February 2019, after a lot of research, planning and hard work we opened the doors to our first shop. It was possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so glad I did.

Aeroplane seat inside Little Herberts kids hair salon

When you know, you know.

People in Perth know Little Herberts as the go to place for all things child and hair related. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation for excellence, by creating a contemporary and funky space that makes the kids feel safe and helps the parents feel happy and relaxed too.

People find us because we specialise in hair cuts and care for children, and they return because we give consistently great haircuts and styles, plus stock the best range of hair products and accessories we can find.

Online store!

We're super excited to open up our very own online store to offer appointment bookings and hair care products to book and buy online.

Take a look around while you're here to find all the best for your child's hair cuts and care. Whether that’s to book them in for a haircut or to purchase products that are going to make your life easier, more stress free and give you peace of mind that our carefully curated products are the best there is - all specifically designed for kids, with no nasty chemicals.

I genuinely hope that you love what we do and what we are about and we can’t wait to grow our community with you guys.

Love from Jo and the hair carers at Little Herberts.