Scruffy Little 'Erberts

Scruffy Little 'Erberts

So, where did our name come from? This is something I get asked all the time in the shop. People assume that I named the business after one of my sons given that his name is also Herbert. It’s a nice coincidence but that’s not the why.

Little Herberts comes from an English expression usually referring to ‘Scruffy Little ‘Erberts’ - note the missing ‘H’. You see my family are from the East End of London and this expression originates from there. I think it’s used all over the UK generally but the term originated in London during Victorian times. Think of Oliver Twist and the street urchins of that time, they’re your original Scruffy Little Herberts. Writing this has taken me on a trip down memory lane and I've been through the family albums and found some of these - photos of my mum and uncle when they were kids - how cute??

Fast forward a couple of generations and it’s a term of endearment that I grew up with, I have lovely memories of my Grandad Dickie calling us ‘little ‘erberts’ and ‘scruffy little ‘erberts’ if we were covered in grass stains from playing in the garden, hair all messy, red faced, knees grazed having spent all day outside. My Dad now refers to the grandkids as ‘Little ‘Erberts’ too and I hope to one day use it on my own grandchildren - although I’m in no rush for that just yet!!

Quite simply I didn’t really have any other choice when it came to naming this business. It encapsulates perfectly everything we love about our kids, and what I love about what we do. We see the kids coming into our shop and they can’t see because they have long hair in their eyes, or crazy curly hair that has never been cut, or girls with so many knots and tangles. In essence they’re a little bit scruffy ;-)

We get to work, brushing, washing, cutting, trimming, styling, treating, then waxing, gelling, or braiding their hair and they walk out of the shop looking a million dollars - in as scruffy little herberts, out as smart little herberts. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The same philosophy applies to our products we sell, along with our services. Our detangling brushes, shampoos, conditioners, wax, gels and hairsprays, are all designed to help you keep your kids looking cool, sleek, funky and smart, specifically designed for kids, none of the products we sell, use nasty chemicals, so you can be safe that they won’t hurt a hair on their head.

The next time your little ‘un has biscuit all over their face and in their hair, or they’re covered in mud or sand and sun lotion, but are having soooo much fun, give them an extra little hug and remember these good times. Then chuck them in the bath, clean them from head to toe, snuggle up for bedtime cuddles all clean in their PJs and when they’re asleep, pop online, stock up on some of our fab haircare ranges and book them in for their next haircut.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Love Jo and the Little Herberts team x